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Jan 03, 2017 · Hepatitis C virus HCV tests are blood tests that look for the genetic material RNA of the Hepatitis C virus OR for the antibodies the body’s immune system makes to try to remove HCV. The Hepatitis C Antibody Test. The HCV antibody test is usually the first test done when a doctor suspects a patient has Hepatitis C; it is a cheap and simple test. Determine the number of international units IU of hepatitis C virus HCV RNA per milliliter of serum or plasma in known HCV-positive patients Limitations Assay range: 12 IU/mL to 100,000,000 IU/mL. If your antibody test is positive, you’ll get this test: RNA: It measures the number of viral RNA genetic material from the hepatitis virus particles in your blood. Your doctor might refer to this as your viral load. They usually show up 1-2 weeks after you’re infected. HCV RNA level of below 25 IU/mL in serum or plasma at 12 weeks after ending therapy is the therapeutic goal and indicates an SVR is achieved. Quantitative HCV RNA testing can be considered at the end of therapy and at 24 weeks or later after completion of antiviral therapy.

Jul 22, 2010 · Quantitative tests that measure the actual level of Hepatitis C virus in the blood may use the processes of PCR, TMA or signal amplification branched DNA. These viral load tests compute the number of HCV RNA particles present, and are expressed in either international units per liter IU/L or copies per milliliter mL. If distinction between true positivity and biologic false positivity for HCV antibody is desired, and if sample is repeatedly reactive in the initial test, test with another HCV antibody assay. In certain situations,§ follow up with HCV RNA testing and appropriate counseling. Quantitative: This is often called a hep C RNA test. It measures how much HCV is in about a drop of blood. It measures how much HCV is in about a drop of blood. Most labs now report the numbers as. Presumptive HCV infection A repeatedly reactive result is consistent with current HCV infection, or past HCV infection that has resolved, or biologic false positivity for HCV antibody. Test for.

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Interpretation of Results of Tests for Hepatitis C Virus.

Laboratory tests for hepatitis C are divided into four general categories: Screening: Screening for hepatitis C virus HCV is done with a serologic test for the HCV antibody Ab. Confirmatory: Diagnosis of chronic hepatitis C requires the presence of HCV RNA, commonly called hepatitis C viral load. If a quantitation below 43 IU/mL is desired, please order the Heptimax ® HCV RNA test. This test provides our broadest analytical measurement range. By combining real-time PCR and transcription mediated amplification TMA technology into a progressive test, we can report a viral load range between 5 and 69,000,000 IU/mL. The cobas ® HCV quantitative nucleic acid test delivers robust, clinically relevant assay performance based on the proprietary dual-probe assay design from Roche. cobas ® HCV is designed to deliver high sensitivity to meet the requirements of current and future chronic hepatitis C therapies combined with an efficient workflow for laboratories. quantified repeat HCV RNA testing should be considered. o A low-positive HCV RNA result may occur for a number of reasons and collection of a follow-up specimen in 2-4 weeks for repeat testing should be considered. Table 1: Currently Available FDA-Approved HCV Qualitative and Quantitative RNA Tests Manufacturer PMADevicea LoDb Serum LoDb. The hepatitis C quantitative test offers a measures of active viremia in antibody-positive chronic HCV-infected individuals undergoing antiviral therapy. The current FDA guidelines support the importance of measuring HCV RNA levels at baseline prior to treatment, at intervals during treatment to assess viral response, and after treatment is completed to assess the efficacy of treatment.

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